Mr. Stewart W. McClure - Abbreviated Biography


Mr. McClure is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in both SOA/Cloud Engineering and Security/IA solutions.  He has experience in Systems, Software, and Networks on hundreds of projects spanning over 30+ years with both Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies.

      On-Going: Mr. McClure is an expert in middleware services and JEE Servlets. He programs in Java, C#, C++, and stays certified every 3 years in each of these technologies.  In his extra time, he writes iPhone/iPad apps and Xbox 360 games.

      On-Going: Leads the design and development of very large scale (global) Fortune 500 and US Gov Web-based Systems/Services and their security infrastructures; DoD, Fed/State Gov, Sprint, MCI, Ericson,, Fidelity, JPMorgan, Chase, and Intels Cloud.2009.  Designed and developed the Federated access control Security reference architecture and prototype for use in all of the DoD DCGS programs.

      2000: Led the Security Infrastructure/Architecture project for the State of Washington CIO to integrate the Web apps of 17 different Agencies into one consolidated SSO and integrated SOA environment.

      1996: Performed penetration testing and white hat security assessment services for a number of hi-profile clients in the southwest region, including the Texas Comptroller Office and several private fortune 100 companies.

      1994: Worked with the Vice President and his staff on the National Information Infrastructure (NII) and U.S. Government use of the Internet.

      1984: Architected and built monitoring agents for network devices and computer systems and manager applications in TCP/IP for the NSA.  These applications later became the foundation for SNMP.

      1982: Worked for ARPA/DIA to architect and build the original Internet application protocols (Telnet, FTP & SMTP).