Mr. Stewart W. McClure: Resume - Additional Years

Chief Internet Scientist

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q ELECTRONIC INNOVATIONS (EI), CORP. Chief Corporate Engineer
02/90 - 04/93 (Wash. D.C., Maryland, Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, Germany)

Mr. McClure provided technical leadership and development expertise to customers for network engineering programs, software development projects, and advanced technology studies. During his tenure at EI, Mr. McClure led the following projects:

         For the IRS Modernization Project, led network software development projects in C for TCP/IP and OSI.

         For the National Security Agency (NSA), directed the creation of network applications for a prototype message handling system in C and Sybase.

         For NSA, directed the design and creation of network management software in C, TCP/IP, and Oracle.

         For Federal Express, provided technical leadership for the creation of Client/Server software applications in C and BTrieve.


q DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (DIA) - Chief Engineer, Directorate of System Engineering

02/89 - 02/90 (Wash. D.C.)


Mr. McClure was responsible for identifying and implementing prototypes of the future architecture of the Agency Workstations and LANs. He designed, built, and documented the standard Workstation and LAN (MS Windows, X-Windows, DOS, TCP/IP, SPX/IPX) on 80386/80486 and SUNs (with UNIX/DOS). He prepared a second generation transition path to a more modern Workstation and LAN (X-Windows, UNIX/DOS, TCP/IP, OSI, FDDI) on 80386/80486 (with DOS/UNIX), SUN, DEC (UNIX), and IBM RS6000 (with AIX). He also prepared a third generation transition to B1 (Orange Book) rated secure Workstations and LANs capable of handling different levels of secure data. Mr. McClure was responsible for evaluating prototypes for LAN clusters, FDDI, X.25 gateways, intelligent bridges, TCP/IP & OSI protocols, network management systems, network modeling, Workstations providing worldwide host access using 3270, imagery, voice and video capability, distributed applications processing, message handling systems, and distributed data base technology. He was the technical reviewer for large Government programs and initiatives. He was the DIA engineering representative to the DCA Protocol Standards Steering Group (PSSG) and the Protocol Standards Technical Panel (PSTP).


q J.G. VAN DYKE & ASSOCIATES (VDA), INC. - Project Manager/Principle Scientist

01/85 - 02/89 (Wash. D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Germany)


As Project Manager for Network integration and software development Mr. McClure designed and developed an agency standard Workstation and LAN configuration and ported user applications to a Client/Server environment. The Workstation consolidated use of several separate terminals and other hardware platforms into one workstation (an 80386/80486/SUN running either DOS or UNIX) and provided connectivity to remote hosts (IBM 3080, Honeywell, SUN 4, DEC VAX) with a GUI (Microsoft Windows/X-Windows). The LAN provided for multiple clusters of fiber-optic Ethernet cable plant connected to an FDDI backbone and utilized multiple transport protocols such as TCP/IP, NFS, NOVELL, and applications protocols such as TELNET, NVDET, TN3270, TNVT220, FTP, and SMTP. He built file, application, and mail servers including Novell, SUN, and other NFS based servers. He also developed a Network Transition Plan which outlined the steps necessary to move from the previous world-wide WAN (1822J) to an X.25 standards-based network.


As Project Manager for Data base software development Mr. McClure designed and developed a network data base system built in dBase on a Novell Server with 80386 Workstation computers. He built several Ethernet fiber-optic LANs with Novell File Servers and internal bridges. He built remote connectivity capability to IBM mainframes and a WAN X.25 gateway capability to a large world-wide network and the Internet.


As Team Leader for a large System integration and software development project Mr. McClure assisted in designing and developing a system used to provide real-time data for correlation and analysis. Development was based on distributed processing between IBM 4381, a DEC PDP 11/70 Network Processor, Communications Support Processors, a Message Support Processor, and Workstations on an Ethernet LAN with external gateways to communications networks such as world-wide 1822J and X.25. He wrote communications programs using C with TCP/IP (streams and sockets), ICMP, FTP, and TELNET on UNIX Workstations. He provided workstation/mainframe connectivity with an IBM/SNA SDLC link using 3278 emulation. He wrote applications and system software in C, M204, FORTRAN, and MACRO-11. Mr. McClure created high level simulation support software and graphics programs on Workstations utilizing UNIX system tools and the Graphics Kernel System. He provided training programs on UNIX Workstations for programmers, and gave capability briefings to a variety of senior officials.


As Project Manager for Network management software development Mr. McClure designed and developed a hardware and software system of integrated network test tools to measure performance on both pre-operational and operational networks. The system software was written in C under UNIX on a AT&T 3B2/400 computer. The software performed network throughput, stress, and error testing for mutiplexors, hosts, and both LAN and remote gateways. The tools also performed protocol testing (TCP/IP, ICMP) by allowing a user to modify standard packet leaders and then trace the packets as they moved through the network.


As Project Manager for Network management software development Mr. McClure worked on the design team for a Distributed Network Monitoring Center and related subsystems. The network is a world-wide packet-switched network using X.25, 1822J, and a wide variety of network protocols (such as NCP and TCP/IP) and host computers (such as IBM 4381, IBM 370, DEC VAX, AT&T 3B, and Honeywell). He assisted in the design of the Distributed Security Monitoring Subsystem. He also designed the Distributed LAN Monitoring Subsystem and the Graphic Network Display Subsystem.


As Managing Engineer, Mr. McClure managed and operated a large organization's Computer Facility and DECNET/ SNA networks. He advised ADP managers on VAX System Tuning and wrote programs in DCL and FORTRAN to assist them in tuning/optimizing their newly purchased computer suite of clustered VAX 8600's. He advised them on setting up long-haul SNA application systems in FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, C, and PL/1 (to run in a distributed processing environment on VAX VMS, WANG Alliance OS, IBM 370 OS, networked between various Data Centers). He was also responsible for R&D Projects such as writing programs to interface with touch screen monitors, evaluating C code controlling optical scanners, communications design and implementation using DECNET and SNA gateways; DEC, IBM, and WANG code conversion and communication tasks; CAD system installation and software development with TEKTRONIX 4215B minicomputers in PASCAL, and designing and developing and NCR Tower UNIX. He maintained the system software for NCR TOWERs, TEKTRONIX 4315B Graphics Processors, Hewlett-Packard Minicomputers, DEC VAX 11/730,750,780, and IBM. He performed system engineering tasks such as systems tuning and system optimization on VMS, UNITY, MVS, VS, and UNIX based machines. He also designed and built several software applications systems, a CAD system, and communications programs in C, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, PASCAL, and VAX DCL. Mr. McClure assisted in the design of digital communications standards for the 34,000 offices in the United States.



03/84 - 01/85 (Wash. D.C.)


Mr. McClure managed and operated a large Computer Facility. The facility contained DEC VAX's networked internally with DECNET and remote communications links to IBM mainframes and WANG VS computers nationwide. He maintained the system software for NCR TOWERs, TEKTRONIX 4315B Graphics Processors, Hewlett-Packard Minicomputers, DEC VAX 11/730,750,780, and IBM's. During 1984, he designed a new modernized Computer Facility, and managed the transfer and installation of computer equipment to the facility. He performed system engineering tasks such as systems tuning and system optimization on VMS, UNITY, MVS, VS, and UNIX based machines. He also designed and built several software applications systems, a CAD system, and communications programs in C, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, PASCAL, and VAX DCL. Mr. McClure assisted in the design of digital communications standards for 34,000 offices in the United States.


q SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INC. (SAI) - Manager, ADP Support Group

03/83 - 03/84 (VA)


Mr. McClure managed an ADP Support Group for a large contract ($300 MIL) with the U.S. Navy and the Royal Saudi Naval Forces to build and network underground command centers with computers and ship-to-shore telecommunications for real-time command and control. He handled a wide variety of software development projects including data base systems, application systems, and communications programming in FORTRAN, LISP, MACRO-11, and BASIC on VAX 11/780 and DEC10. He performed communications programming which included LAN message parsers, message queue buffering routines, and DECNET interface routines. He wrote C programs with UNIX on Convergent Technology and SUN workstations. Mr. McClure designed and developed a Management Information System (MIS) including Project Management, Budget and Finance, Logistics, Acquisitions Planning and Tracking, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, and Training using FORTRAN and data base manipulation routines in DATATRIEVE, DBMS, and ORACLE.


q INCO, Inc. - Project Manager

02/82 - 03/83 (VA)


Mr. McClure designed and developed a system performing detailed analysis on communications networks. He wrote applications and system programs in FORTRAN and MACRO-11. He wrote data base manipulation programs in DATATRIEVE. Mr. McClure modified a PDP-11/70 using a RAMTEK Graphics processor in order to model improvements to the network both statistically and graphically. He also designed a graphics driver interface to support detailed graphical analysis of network models.


Mr. McClure designed and built an Incident Reporting System which provided an on-line, automated method for reporting problems to the central node. He wrote code in MACRO-11 on a PDP 11/70 which ran under a modified RSX operating system. He designed network applications, communications and line monitoring programs, and network interfaces routines to support internet communications. He also built a multi-processor based system for monitoring communication lines on a global network (monitoring the effects of usage on performance, providing status information to the control site, and allowing for rapid error resolution).



11/80 - 02/82 (VA)


Mr. McClure's company acted as Technical Consultants on computerized analysis systems for Universities, Banks, and Brokerage firms. He designed, coded, and managed coding for economic, stock, statistical, and inflation accounting systems running under different hardware environments such as DEC, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard. He wrote graphics programs using Calcomp primitives. He wrote data base applications using Datatrieve. He also performed code conversions from FORTRAN on an IBM 360 and 370 running OS to FORTRAN and MACRO-11 on a DEC PDP 11/70 running the IAS operating system.


q U. S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, Employment Services Administration (ESA) - Management Assistant/ADP Trainer

03/78 - 11/80 (Wash. D.C.)


Mr. McClure designed and developed training sessions using Four Phase and UNIVAC hardware for employees in the Computer Support Division, Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP), and the Office of Workman's Compensation Program (OWCP). He also served as a voluntary EEO Counselor, in order to arbitrate problems between employees and management.


Mr. McClure also participated in the procurement of ADP equipment and services and was responsible for material management of Agency ADP hardware utilizing Agency Honeywell and IBM mainframes. He conducted analysis and implemented methods for streamlining procedures and developing more efficient management systems.


q U.S. ARMY - Operations

11/73 - 03/78


Mr. McClure served as an Operations NCO in the 82nd Airborne Division, responsible for the Flight, Ground, and Intelligence operations of an Airborne Mechanized Recon Combat Unit. He conducted operations analysis and combat modeling using a UNIVAC computer. He attended leadership academies and schools such as Advanced NCO Academy, Primary NCO Academy/Drill Sergeant School, Ranger School, and Airborne School. Mr. McClure received his Honorable discharge while serving as a NCO with the U.S. Presidential Escort/Army Honor Guard in Washington, D.C.


q STEWART ELECTRONICS - Electronics Tester

07/73 - 11/73 (CA)


Mr. McClure tested electronic components and computer microchips for a wide variety of characteristics and threshold measurements. He also maintained the material management and disbursement system to computer manufacturers world-wide.