ICG Products & Services

ICG offers several standard services. The benefit of these services to our customers is that they are priced at the lowest possible level because we sell so many of them. The benefit to both our customers and ICG is that by providing these services over and over, we have developed the highest level of expertise. A current summary of our standard services are listed below:

Common Security Services:
  Internet Security Checkup - This service provides a complete search from the Internet into your site. We check your DNS listing, your addressing scheme, your routers, your hosts outside your firewall or on the DMZ, and the firewall itself. We provide you with an inspection report and ways to improve your security.
  Internet Security Test - This service provides a complete security test from the Internet into your site. We test your routers, hosts outside your firewall or on the DMZ, and the firewall itself. Then we attempt to penetrate into your corporate site and break in to your proxy servers and workstations. As we conduct these tests we document exactly what each test is and what the result is. These tests will utilize hundreds of protocols and ports including TCP/IP, SPX/IPX, netbios, and appletalk.
  Application Penetration Testing - This service provides independent security verification testing for companies which have developed Internet or Intranet applications and want to know how secure they are before they field them to production. We follow a 35 point inspection which tests the ability to create buffer overruns, ad hoc database queries, and other random data access penetration.
  Network Security Assessment - This service provides a review of your current corporate network (LAN/WAN) from a security perspective. It consists of a requirements definition, old and new topology diagrams, router and firewall security filter recommendations, system administration security definition, virus handling procedure definition, and branch office security review and recommendations.
  Firewall Review - The Firewall Review is a service for those companies who either need a firewall for the first time, or who are looking to upgrade their existing firewall. It captures the user requirements and then maps those requirements against each of the major brands of firewalls. After the preferred firewall has been identified, the report goes on to define the hardware and software requirements and cost. Finally, a schedule is presented with step-by-step tasks that are required to install a firewall.

Common Network Integration Services:
  Internet Hosting Plan - This service is geared to those companies which are deciding whether to host their own WWW site or to place it at an ISP. It consists of a requirements review, topology design, ISP review, hardware and software specification, and a WWW Server software review mapped to the user requirements. This service results in a build-to specification of how to proceed to provide your company with the best possible WWW presence at the most affordable cost.
  Network Topology Review and Optimization - This service is geared for those companies which run a wide variety of protocols on an internal network between several sites. These protocols must be routed or bridged properly in order to get the most bandwidth possible out of the existing network. We will monitor protocols for errors and tune each link of the network to achieve maximum performance. We also make many valuable recommendations on topology changes that can improve response time and enhance employee productivity.

Common Application Development Services:
  Application Production Support Tools - This service provides a Web application which allows you to enter application background, outage, and bug information and immediately generate management information reports.
  Software Feasibility Analysis/Functional Design - This is a valuable service for any company that is considering a software development effort. The service is scalable to handle both large and small development projects. It defines summary information about the project such as the background, objectives, system attributes, improvements, impacts, assumptions and constraints. It then covers topics such as specific system requirements, system functions, and failure contingencies. In an additional section it covers the system environment such as hardware, software, security, external interfaces, and any certifications needed. The last sections cover both the project cost and a work breakdown structure which covers the schedule and milestones. In the end, this service provides a complete look at the composition, cost, and benefit of the project and allows for a "go" or "no-go" decision by executive management. For those companies that are not faced with an executive decision, it provides them with a complete build-to design specification which ensures a project success.