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Areas of Knowledge



Telecom, Finance, Health, Retail, Aerospace, Federal Government, Local Government, Intelligence Agencies


Operating Systems

UNIX, NT/Win 2000, Linux, VMS, MVS, VM


Software Development Tools

Java/JSP, EJB’s, C++, Visual Basic, Perl, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML/XML, ASP, Cold Fusion, CORBA, RMI, RPC, COM/DCOM, IIS, Site Server, Netscape, Apache, Websphere, WebLogic



SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, ADO, SQL, Stored Procedures, ODBC, JDBC, Access, Progress, FoxPro, dBase, Paradox



TCP/IP (streams, sockets, and TLI), SMTP, SNMP, RPC, NFS, LDAP, Novell SPX/IPX, NLM’s, NetBIOS, ASYNC, ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, SMDS, FDDI, X.25, SLIP, PPP, AppleTalk, DECNET, SNA, SDLC, HDLC, BSC, LU6.2, HYPERchannel, Cisco & 3Com Routers, Dial-in Access Devices, Network Management Systems, CSU/DSUs



Firewalls, Router ACL’s, Intrusion Detection, Single Sign-On, Virus Detection, PKI, Security Testing, Security Architectures








Mr. McClure is a senior IT Consultant with over 20 years of experience who provides technology leadership and solutions to CIO's, VPs, and Directors in the areas of E-Business Applications, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Security, Network Architecture & Management, Legacy System Integration and OO Software Design & Development.  He was one of the original designers and creators of the Internet for ARPA in the late 70's and has continued to play a significant role in developing IP-based solutions for companies since then. In 1994, he was asked to the White House to advise Vice President Al Gore and his staff on the National Information Infrastructure (NII) and the technical requirements for using the Internet to bring Government information, forms, and applications directly to Americans in their homes and offices.  He has also managed several large U.S. and global networks (Frame Relay and ATM), and has worked for the NSA, CIA, and DIA (along with several other U.S. Intelligence agencies) developing and maintaining secure networks and applications.

Skills and Experience


·         1999 – Led the Security Infrastructure/Architecture project for the State Government of Washington

·         1996 - Led the development of the first NT Server based EDI product to be BackOffice certified.

·         1995 - Led the development of the first industry WWW based Network Management & Performance Reporting System for a Global Telecommunication firm

·         1988 - Led the development of the first FDDI network to pass Imagery and large Database Files for the Pentagon.

·         1986 - Designed the distributed network monitoring and security software solution for the NSA Global Network.

·         1985 - Developed agents and manager applications in TCP/IP for the DoD, which later became SNMP.

·         1980 - Worked for DIA/ARPA to develop the original Internet applications protocols (Telnet, FTP & SMTP).

Software Engineering Summary

Software experience encompasses both large and small-scale development projects building turnkey enterprise computer systems, commercial products, E-Business/E-Commerce applications, client/server application programs, rapid prototypes, and specific tools. He has designed and built distributed data base systems, graphics/image processing systems, and management information systems incorporating object-oriented code, distributed processing and artificial intelligence. He has worked in UNIX, VMS, and C since 1981.  He has worked with NT, Visual Basic, C++, and Java since their inception.  He currently programs in Java, C++, Visual Basic, and a variety of 4GL Toolkits. He uses Object Oriented Design & Development frameworks /methodologies.  Mr. McClure has in-depth experience with systems level programming and has custom-tailored operating systems such as UNIX, VMS, and NT.

Network/Communications Summary

Mr. McClure's Networking and Digital Communications experience includes the creation and maintenance of Internet, Intranet, and Private (including Virtual Private) networks ranging from inter-office LANs to several worldwide networks. He has designed and installed application, file, print, and mail servers, network gateways, videoconferencing systems, and security devices including firewall and proxy servers.

Job History

02/97 – Current:  Integra Consulting Group, Inc.

Mr. McClure provides E-Business Solutions to clients worldwide in the areas of applications, infrastructure, networks, and security.  He works on projects such as E-Business/E-Commerce Object-Oriented Software component development, Internet/Intranet Application design and development projects, Network Topology Reviews, Network Security Assessments, Internet Hosting, Internet Security Tests, and Firewall Reviews.  He directs major Java and C++ distributed software and database development projects for both traditional client/server and Internet/Intranet E-Commerce architectures.  He also works as a System Architect in Network Engineering areas such as designing, installing, and managing large U.S and International Networks. He designs and builds new or upgraded Corporate Networks, Internet mail systems, proxy and firewalls configurations, and router/ network management methodologies. He provides information security related services to clients in the areas of firewall architectures, security testing, application design, and security program development. During his tenure at Integra, Mr. McClure also led the following projects:

·        For a global banking and investment firm, he provided technical leadership and programming expertise in developing a replacement product for a critical reporting system using ASP, COM/DCOM objects (in VB and C++), MTS, Java, Actuate, and Sybase stored procedures.

·        For an Internet Start-up, he led a development team to create a high transactional Intranet application with Internet interfaces using ASP, COM objects (in VB and C++), and SQL Server stored procedures.

·        For a large E-Commerce Storefront, he provided systems and programming expertise in order to optimize and enhance the backend B2B integration to legacy systems.  He programmed primarily in Java/JSP, VB COM, PERL, and ASP on Unix and NT Systems in order to create Customer Service, Content Management, Reporting, and Fulfillment Systems.  He provided database support in Oracle and SQL Server writing stored procedures and optimizing SQL queries.  He also provided technology leadership for architecture and infrastructure support in areas such as security, production software/hardware cutover implementation, and database tuning and optimization.

·        For a large decentralized State Government Agency, he provided technology leadership for a major E-Commerce and Network Security Assessment Project.  He was responsible for designing and implementing a security infrastructure from both a network and application perspective.

·        For a large international Aerospace firm, he provided technology leadership and direction for a sensitive network assessment, security review, and re-design project.

·        For a specialized financial equity firm, he provided E-Commerce design, development, and infrastructure expertise.


05/93 - 02/97:  DNIE

Mr. McClure provided development expertise and solutions on network programs, software development projects, and advanced technology studies.  During his tenure, Mr. McClure led and/or provided oversight for the following projects:

·        For a Global EDI company, he directed application development in creating new C/C++/NT software products running on SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and DB2.

·        For a Global Telecommunications company he managed the corporate network in over 120 locations using Cisco 9000, 7000, and 25xx routers, and designed and implemented network infrastructure, security, fault management, and performance reporting systems.

·        For a Global Telecommunications company he provided technical leadership and directed software development for national ATM, SMDS, Frame Relay, and IP WWW based network management built in C++, Perl, Java, and Sybase.

·        For one of the nations largest Consulting Firms, he provided guidance to CIO's and VPs in the areas of network architecture, e-commerce, legacy system migration, and client/server applications.  He also provide OO design and development expertise in C++, VB, Gupta, and Powerbuilder with Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and DB2

·        For a Global investment firm he directed enterprise Client/Server infrastructure activities on UNIX and NT with C++, VB, and Shellscript using Oracle and DB2.

·        For a large U.S. Government Agency, he designed and managed the installation of a enterprise Client/Server environment including SNA and TCP/IP.  Worked with the U.S. Vice-President’s office to design WWW solutions.

·        For a large U.S. Power Company, he re-engineered their mainframe/terminal environment into a Client/Server environment and led the development of object-oriented client/server applications in C++ and VB with Oracle and DB2.

For a Global Telecommunications company, he worked with top corporate customers to design large nationwide networks using Frame Relay and X.25, tune network applications in Novell, AppleTalk, and Netbios, and provide swift problem resolution during network outages.


02/90 - 04/93:  Electronic Innovations (EI) Corporation

Mr. McClure provided technical leadership and development expertise to customers for network engineering programs, software development projects, and advanced technology studies. During his tenure at EI, Mr. McClure led the following projects:

·        For the IRS Modernization Project, led network software development projects in C for TCP/IP and OSI.

·        For NSA, directed the creation of network applications for a prototype message handling system in C and Sybase.

·        For NSA, directed the design and creation of network management software in C, TCP/IP, and Oracle.

·        For Federal Express, provided technical leadership for the creation of Client/Server software applications in C and BTrieve.


Additional Years of Experience (1973-1990)


Graduate/Doctorate Studies, Management Information Systems, University of Texas, 1995
Graduate studies, Information Systems, George Mason University, 1990
Technical Schools, 120+ credit hours & cert. work in Elec. & Comp Sci.
B.S.B.A, Bus. Admin. & Economics, American University. 1981
A.S., Business Administration, NVCC, 1979
A.S., Gen. Studies, NVCC, 1979