ICG Divisions

ICG is a computer consulting company which specializes in applying existing, new and emerging technologies to solve business problems. The company headquarters is located in Mountain View, California and works with clients throughout the U.S. and Europe. ICG is composed of 5 different divisions:

Games Division The Games Division designs and builds games for the XBox, iPhone, iPad, and the Internet. We also do the following work:
- Create sprites and graphic images for use in games and animation.
- Prepare game Walkthrough guides and game tips.

Security Division The Security Division provides the following service:
- Network security architecture assessments.
- Web-enabled application/database penetration testing.
- Firewall, Router, XML Gateway reviews, installation & configuration.
- Cryptography software development.

Network Integration - The Network Integration Group designs, builds, and maintains Data Networks. This group also assists in Internet Hosting Plans, Private Virtual Networks, and Network Migration Plans.

E-Commerce / E-Business Software Division - This group develops Web-enabled client/server applications, Web Services, and Web Components including applets, browser toolbars, plug-ins, and gadgets. We develop in C/C++, Java, .NET (C++, C#, VB, J#, ASP), ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, ISAPI, and NSAPI, VB Script, Java Script, Active X, CGI, and Perl. We develop software which provides database connectivity to all the major DBMS platforms including Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Informix, and DB2. We perform tuning and optimization of client/server applications in order to ensure they run at optimum performance levels.

Systems Engineering Division The Systems Engineering Group provides the following services:
- Product and Solution Trade Studies
- Server design, installation, and configuration of Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers
- Load-balancing solutions for WWW servers, proxy servers, server farms/clusters, and XML gateways
- Continuos Integration Solutions for Agile Development environments