ICG Clients
A note about our Clients:

ICG is very proud of our relationships with our clients. We look at each relationship as a life-long partnership.

Most of our clients are dealing with shrinking IT staff numbers and an increased workload. We perform many short-term tasks that utilize unique skills such as installing proxy-servers, configuring firewalls and router security, performing independent application penetration testing, and conducting periodic security checkups.

Our clients, rather than sending employees off to weeks of training for a one-time task, use ICG to quickly get the job done and knowledge-train their employees in the process.

This use of ICG helps IT Managers keep their workload at a manageable level. In many cases, we end up serving as an extension of their staff.

Clients learn that by using ICG, they get complete confidentiality of their company business and that they have expert computer scientists available when they need them.

At ICG, we enjoy the benefits of these long-term relationships because we can understand our clients needs better and perform their tasks quicker and more efficiently.